Even though effective and efficient support functions are critical enablers of an organization’s performance, and ultimately strategy’s success, many companies tend to overlook them.

Because they are considered “non-core”, and therefore “non-essential” for the company’s strategy implementation, corporations settle for standardized solutions that inefficiently address their support functions challenges and consequently jeopardize the whole company’s performance.

At K-Roll Consulting Inc., we aim at changing this approach by helping our clients look at support functions from a global, inclusive, end-to-end perspective. This means not looking at them as pure cost centers for the organization but understanding the actual, although indirect, business value-added they generate.

This change in paradigm is essential to realize there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the question of centralizing or outsourcing support functions, but that it is a truly strategic choice, both in terms of the importance it bears for the organization and of the necessity to fully align it with the global corporate strategy.