As a strategy consulting boutique at the core of a first-of-its-kind network of expert partners, we promote a truly innovative business model and value proposition. This new model comes with a brand new cultural approach to consulting and corporate values. Whether we engage clients on our own or through our network, we always abide by our unique, strong and tangible convictions that define our relationship to our clients, our ethics and truly differentiate us from our competitors.


As we always say : we do not pretend to do, or even to know, everything ourselves, we rather partner with the best to bring the highest value to our clients.  


Unlike most of traditional consulting firms whose business model relies on the replaceability of their consulting staff and the replicability and standardization of their approach, we recognize that everyone has a different value to bring.


It is at the core of every business relationship we build and sustain. We have a strong bond of trust with every member of our network that we know personally and have closely worked with. We never recommend a partner we do not trust, and our clients know it.



By our very status of self-financed, autonomous, strategy consulting boutique, we are independent thinkers. We talk straight to our clients and always go for what we think is best for them.


Results are all we care about: we do not wonder IF we can do it, we ask ourselves HOW we will do it.


We stay open for opportunities and seize them when they arise, we challenge the status quo and the limits of what has always been done and, above all, we never have a definite plan in advance.