It is now clear that the contemporary challenge for a corporation between resisting and embracing innovation is a false one, as the latter is the only viable option for a business.

However, at K-Roll Consulting we believe that embracing innovation is still following the trend, not building it – that is why we help our client go one step further by fostering innovation organically. Why?

Because, internally developed innovations are cheaper than externally bought or licensed technologies, they are also better adapted to a company’s business needs, they provide stronger competitive advantage (because they are not shared with competitors), they better protect against external innovative trends and finally they sustain an internal dynamic culture of disruption that is essential to adapt to inevitable change.

In this context, we believe that every company should not only make innovation a strategic priority but also put in place the adequate structures to foster innovation inside the organization and with its ecosystem. To stimulate innovation, we will help you manage your internal pipeline of internal projects to maximize ideas generation, optimize the selection of ideas with highest potential and accelerate the shortlisted projects to turn them into actual business opportunities.