At K-Roll Consulting, we provide CEOs and key decision makers with the keys to build and run efficient governance models to drive alignment and performance throughout the organization.

To do so, our offer goes way beyond the pure affectation of institutional mandates and powers: it aims at building a model that enables cascading of the global strategy, performance monitoring, escalation of roadblocks and anticipation of risks, adaptation of objectives and orientations and taking of corrective actions.

And as power always comes with the risk of conflict of power, we accompany our clients define the rules for a smooth collaboration among all the governance stakeholders, bodies and instances to create an ecosystem of actors with clear roles and responsibilities.

However, just like an organization is never only about the processes, an efficient governance is never only about the roles and powers: it needs trust among the actors to ensure this collaboration. As an external third party with no risk of conflict of interest or political allegiance inside the organization, K-Roll Consulting Inc. plays a critical role to create and maintain that trust.