"Strategy” is a big word. It covers many heterogeneous meanings from one country, company and even from one leader to another, making it a poorly understood concept.

In this context, at K-Roll Consulting, we strive to make Strategy clear for our clients by breaking down and leveraging each and every aspects of strategic thinking required to create real competitive advantage.

More precisely, our “Corporate Strategy” offering is articulated around 4 pillars and underlying concepts, tools and methodologies:

1) the Core Components of strategy, that is the common elements shared by any strategy (they include competitive and tech intelligence, market portfolio analysis, strategic analysis tools and frameworks…)

2) the Hard components of strategy; which support the core with hard data (gathered and made insightful thanks to data analysis tools, business modeling and planning, financial road-mapping),

3) the Soft components of strategy, related to people-specific and cultural aspects of strategy (including the corporate vision, the organisation’s design and capabilities, strategic goals, but also leadership styles and approach…) and

4) the Innovative components of strategy, that are critical for a company to be able to renew, rethink, disrupt their own strategy to adapt to their evolving environment, mainly through new approaches such as disruptive thinking